With the amount of data growing at an exponential rate, AI is one of the hottest fields of this century. Do you want to be part of this exciting field and start your career as a Data Scientist or AI Engineer? Find out what MIcompany has to offer and become a leader in AI!

The overwhelming quantity and complexity of data offers a huge challenge for Data Scientists and AI Engineers. But how can you really create tangible business impact with data?

To do that, a new kind of leader is needed. A leader who is on top of the newest technologies and knows how to manage complex datasets. Who can create insights from huge amounts of data using advanced analytical techniques. A leader who can define growth opportunities and has a vision on Data and AI. A leader who builds relationships and combines these skills to create impact at scale.

The Global Artificial Intelligence Network (GAInĀ®), which is an initiative of MIcompany, has raised over thousands starting analytical talents in the last 15 years to become leaders in AI. Now is your chance to be part of the next generation!


Wouter Huygen
Partner MIcompany
Laura Brandwacht
Principal MIcompany
Marco van den Bogaard
Principal MIcompany
Merlijn van Breugel
Project Leader MIcompany
Marlou Beringer
Project Leader MIcompany
Nino Reniers
Project Leader MIcompany
Eline Bakker
Data Engineer MIcompany
Ambra Hekman
Recruitment Manager MIcompany

MIcompany head office

MIcompany head office

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