AI Engineer

Job description

MIcompany helps people & organizations prosper through AI

With our team of more than 70 young and ambitious professionals we build AI skills & apps at scale for companies such as Nike,, LeasePlan,, eBay and KPN. We do this through two distinctive services.

The first service, our Academy, aims to build the AI capabilities of our clients through trainings programs. We offer different programs for different target pools, ranging from data scientists to management, and even executive boards.

Through our second service we help our clients achieve real sustainable breakthroughs in the application of AI in their business processes. We do this by prioritizing the biggest – and most strategic – opportunity areas where AI can help propel the organization. For these areas we develop end-to-end AI applications to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

For instance:

  • Building a platform to algorithmically price second-hand cars.
  • Developing an AI application to optimize and prioritize billions of network investments for Telco players.
  • Forecasting the global call center demand across 34 different languages around the globe for

You will develop world-class AI solutions at blue chip clients

  • Deploy AI models at scale, leveraging a model engine. Implementing AI models at scale requires a solution for automated building, deploying, running and monitoring of models. You will develop and implement a state-of-the-art model engine that enables AI driven business process at scale.
  • Implement analytical pipelines and databases. Data is the fuel for all AI solutions, so we take it seriously. You will work together with other specialists to build distributed, seamless, secure, and high throughput data pipelines and databases to power our fast AI solutions end-2-end.
  • Setup solution infrastructure in the cloud. AI solutions should be able to scale rapidly for increasing data volumes, service regions and usage intensity. You will apply cloud infrastructure best-practices, such as Terraform, to implement solutions in a scalable, secure and cost-efficient way.
  • Build sophisticated AI applications. You will be working together with other specialists to build world-class web AI applications for our clients. Learn and apply full stack software development skills, including frontend / UI, backend business logic, data management and cloud deployment.
  • Work in multidisciplinary project teams to create real business breakthroughs with AI. Your team members will have complementary skills in e.g. machine learning, process re-engineering, stakeholder and project management. You will be responsible for developing the technological building blocks of the AI solution that will supercharge business processes. All of this happens in a highly dynamic, young and agile development environment.
  • Build internal standards. As an AI engineer, you will boost your and your teammates’ productivity through developing highly automated internal tools and standard components.

No week will be the same, because you are working on many different projects. One day you are setting up a cloud infrastructure, the other you are developing some new functionalities in Spark for a big client, and another you're learning about a new technology like Snowflake, Ansible or Puppet. No sluggish projects for you.

You’re the go to girl/guy when a colleague or client has a tech related problem or question, which you love to help and explain, spread the tech enthusiasm.

You will develop a unique and all round skill set as leader in AI solution development

Starting at MIcompany, you join an extremely talented and ambitious team environment contributing to a very steep learning curve in the fields of AI, engineering and leadership. We love to work with young hardworking people. In order to transform them into successful AI Engineers, we constantly focus on personal development. At MIcompany we always challenge you to beat your own expectations.

You are keen to learn, become part of our unique and winning team and develop into a leading AI Engineer:

  • Join our unique 3 year training program (100k market value)
  • You will be coached by top-notch professionals, project managers and partners with extensive experience in the field and periodic development planning.
  • Develop the skills to create Impact with AI
  • Work at the strategic core of industry leaders
  • Become part of an international AI community
  • A positive team environment where we value diversity, with quarterly team building events, weekly Friday afternoon drinks at our rooftop bar and sports activities.
  • Market standard salary package, depending on your experience
  • Yearly bonus reward (up to 15% of your base salary)
  • Mobility package


You are a curious and open-minded Engineering talent with a strong interest in building AI solutions.

  • You just finished your master degree in a technical field (e.g. Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or other related technical field)
  • Experience in one or more programming languages, including Python, SQL, Java, GO
  • Good interpersonal skills. You should feel comfortable having in-depth technical discussions with your team and clients.
  • Eager to learn more about software development standards (version control, CI/CD, testing), databases, automation and the cloud
  • (Bonus) Experience building AI applications
  • (Bonus) Strong product sense.
  • (Bonus) Strong consulting skills