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Internship GAIn - Data & AI Training

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsGAIn

Job description


GAIn is MIcompany’s Data & AI Academy. GAIn started in 2005 to build the necessary advanced skills of data science and machine learning for engineering specialists at leading companies. By now we have educated more than 8,000 people through a variety of modules covering topics such as Data, AI, leadership, communication, product management, etc.

We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the field of corporate data & AI training, and we excel at providing hugely impactful cutting-edge learning content and education in these fields, but also in many more.

Being part of MICompany, we directly benefit from all the ongoing AI and data developments within the organisation. These, we try to translate as much as (and as quickly as) possible into new educational content to empower organisations on their journey of digital transformation, which inherently directly improves the world around us. These transformations take the form of e.g. waste reduction, logistics optimisation, optimised energy consumption, etc. thanks to having a direct impact on the smarter operation of these organisations.

Internship: Development of cutting-edge Data and AI curriculum

The internship we are offering gives you an opportunity to make an impact on both the company and the world from a holistic perspective. If you are ambitious and up for it, you will be given a broad and important topic with ample responsibility.

An example of a possible holistic topic could be e.g. starting from studying the market, continuing with the creation and promotion of solutions answering to identified market problems, and then implementing these solutions through (hands-on) development of new courses.

We offer an exciting opportunity where we need you to get into “embrace” the cutting edge of technology so that with your help we can provide the most up-to-date offering to our customers.

This is an opportunity to develop or put to use a whole range of your skills, including a(ny) combination in the following areas: data, AI, business analytics, market study, education, management, programming (internal ERP/CRM tool development), business planning, entrepreneurship.

Whichever field of application you might be interested in, we can together discuss and formulate a combination of activities that would be interesting for you and worthwhile for GAIn.

Job requirements


  • University study in a STEM or technical business field (econometrics, math, physics, chemistry, informatics, engineering, technical management, business management, etc.),
  • Good awareness/affinity in the fields of Data & AI (it does not have to be your major),
  • (At least) a rudimentary sense of humor (we enjoy a good laugh every now and then),
  • An internship must be required as a part of your study,
  • (We can currently only accept applicants with an EU citizenship or those currently following a study in the Netherlands for which an internship is a mandatory requirement).

Topics: You will get to work on a combination of activities, with the following possible main themes (a non-exhaustive list):

  • Performing an in-depth market analysis, mapping the competition and its offering, structuring the information and helping in the definition of business cases, business plans, new business offerings;
  • Reviewing and updating the GAIn academy courses on Data, AI, leadership, communication, product management, etc. See our list of offerings here:;
  • Selecting, reviewing and implementing the most relevant practical examples to be updated in our existing courses (it is paramount that our material stays up to date with the latest technology/tools/approaches);
  • (Support in) Defining and setting up new GAIn academy courses;
  • Conceptualizing, building, and implementing various tools into our ERP/CRM systems;
  • Systematizing the continuously evolving information on emerging AI applications and tools and creating a course proposition out of those;
  • Proposing new educational programs based on combination of existing courses the ones to be developed;
  • Designing new relevant example cases using real world problems, applications, data, cutting edge tools and algorithms;
  • Strengthening our business development efforts by mapping the possible customer base and improving our sales and business propositions;
  • (For the hyperorganised among you) Assisting us in further developing and improving our internal organization, structure, operations, and processes.

Future opportunities: This is a great opportunity to get to know GAIn and MICompany. If you end up starting your journey with us with an internship, you might have the opportunity to eventually transfer into a working student position afterward. And then, who knows, maybe this will also be your first job following graduation!

If you are interested in learning more about MIcompany and GAIn academy you are very welcome to attend our quarterly “get to know us” drinks. See more information here:

Compensation: 1000 euro per month. In addition, you will have the opportunity to become a certified GAIn academy trainer for free (if in line with the chosen topic).

To Apply: Please apply via the apply-button.

What does the application process look like?

  1. Submit your CV and cover letter (in either Dutch or English)
  2. Pass the capacity test
  3. Have an interview with us, including a discussion on potential topics of interest
  4. Complete the timeboxed analysis case (online or at our Amsterdam office)
  5. Receive and sign our offer

Looking forward to speaking to you. Don’t hesitate to apply, it’ll be fun!