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Junior Data & AI Engineer

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsTechnology

Job description

With the amount of data growing at an exponential rate, more and more businesses want to harvest the power of AI. To do so effectively and at scale, automated data pipelines and operationalized models are a necessity. The technical implementation of this offers huge challenges. Do you want to help businesses overcome these challenges? Find out what MIcompany has to offer and become a leader in the world of Data and AI engineering!

What will you do to make sure models can be used throughout an organization?

In one project you could design and build the data platform architecture used for AI solutions. Using tools like Python, Airflow, Glue, or Jenkins you would, together with cloud engineers ensure, that there is a reliable data product that models can make use of.

In a different project you could focus on deploying a model behind a endpoint, using tools like Sagemaker, Azure ML, Dataiku or DataRobot. You would make sure that data can be scored by a containerized model from anywhere, either in batch or in real time. Also, you would focus on creating a feedback loop that allows for interaction between the model and the business to ensure the model can be effectively used.

In the Data and AI Engineering team we work in an agile way with daily stand-ups in 2-week sprints. This means your colleagues are never far away and we get continuous feedback, do code reviews and learn a lot from each other. No matter what you do, you’ll write your code in a way that makes it reusable. This is how we continuously improve our existing (modular) code base.


Do you want to become a leader in technology that shapes and builds scalable data & AI products for our clients? We offer a unique role for you to grow in. This is what you can expect:

Create lasting value from AI, by designing and building END-TO-END AI SOLUTIONS that drive the business processes of industry leaders.

At MIcompany you will work at the strategic core of our clients. You will ensure that AI models are effectively used across the organization, by building robust data pipelines and operationalizing models in a scalable manner. Your work serves as the backbone of the AI solution and is essential to create impact at scale. Through collaboration with domain experts, data scientists and software engineers, you will ensure the effective integration of all parts of our AI solutions.

Work for clients all over the world in a multidisciplinary and AMBITIOUS TEAM of talent in a STEM related field.

At MIcompany, you will work in an environment where you can develop yourself optimally due to a multidisciplinary team of ambitious talent in a STEM related field. You will build end-to-end solutions for clients together with our data science, AI engineering, and software development experts. Besides work, we also like to have a lot of fun together – at our quarterly team building events, sports activities and weekly Friday night drinks on our rooftop terrace.

Learn how to change organizations in our CERTIFIED PROGRAM.

At MIcompany we value growth and self-development. To help you with this, you will be able to enroll in our certified GAIn program. The Global Artificial Intelligence network (GAIn®) is an initiative of MIcompany that offers a portfolio of 60+ courses in AI skill building for businesses and individuals to change key processes and increase productivity using AI.

In this program you will learn everything you need to know to become a professional Data & AI Engineer. From database architectures and processing online data, to cloud computing and setting up CI/CD pipelines. Not only tech skills are important, so you will also learn how to manage stakeholders, identify opportunities and present conclusions effectively, using the right visualizations and storyline.
Besides that, you will be supported and encouraged to get yourself certified within the big public Cloud providers.

Become part of a company that invests in PURPOSEFUL BREAKTHROUGHS.

At MIcompany we invest in diversity and doing the right thing. We believe that our experience and skills can contribute to fields like DNA, cultural sectors, and charities.

Job requirements


  • We are looking for young analytical talent who recognize themselves in the following profile:
  • Recently graduated (MSc) with excellent results in Computer Science, Informatics, Software Engineering or another technical field.
  • Technical, curious, and ambitious. Result-driven, pragmatic, and persuasive.
  • A passion for technology.
  • A developer mindset – where the use of Git is the standard and code quality is important to you.
  • The drive to contribute to innovative projects in a company where data & AI are a board priority.
  • Focused on personal development and eager to learn.
  • 0-2 years of working experience.


  1. Submit your CV and cover letter (in either Dutch or English)
  2. Pass the capacity test
  3. Have a great first interview
  4. Complete the programming case
  5. Meet more people from our team during the second interview
  6. Receive and sign our offer
  7. Drink champagne at our office bar

Interested? Apply now! And who knows, maybe we will see you soon!

Questions? Feel free to ask them at or call us directly on +31 20 715 52 90.